About Us

Due to the increasing demand for remote medical care lead to the formation of Adstock Health services in association with Narayana Health (NH) Bangalore,  India., which provides for two-way live interaction between a person (patient or caregiver or provider) and a provider using audiovisual telecommunications technology. This type of service benefits patients in remote areas where traditional delivery of health services are affected by distance and lack of local specialist doctors in the area.  NH Health has strong expertise in the design, implementation and delivery of telehealth and telecare solutions in partnership with leading teleradiology, medical and allied firms to improve the efficiency of healthcare organizations. Based on the requirements of the participating healthcare entities, this to and fro interaction could take between a few hours to to 48 hours.

Our Team

Our radiologists and nuclear medicine team are trained in the best known institutions and have wide ranging  experience & sub-specialty expertise their respective domains.

About Narayana Health (NH)

Narayana Health is one of the leading private healthcare service providers in India, operating a chain of multispecialty,tertiary and primary healthcare facilities. NH has a network of 23 hospitals (multispecialty and superspecialty healthcare facilities which provide tertiary care), 8 heart centres (superspecialty units which are set up in a third party hospital) and 25 primary care facilities (including clinics and information centres), across a total of 32 cities, towns and village, with 5600 operational beds and the potential to reach a capacity of up to 6,600 beds.

At NH telrad 24×7, it provides accurate CT, MRI & Nighthawk Teleradiology, Remote Online Reporting from India with online teleradiology interpretation and remote radiology reporting for the entire spectrum of imaging modalities including MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Mammograms, X-Rays and PET-CT, are provided to suit individual client’s needs.

NH services include emergency support, nighthawk Teleradiology services, locum support and 24X7 remote (tele-reporting) coverage.

NH Teleradiology 24/7 is a global Teleeradiology service provider and it offers the most advanced and high quality online radiology reporting services with quick turn – around time.

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